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We are located at 1702 S. Seneca Street in Wichita, Kansas. We are one block south of Harry on the east side of Seneca.

Although there are many similarities between Bell Mirror and Bell Floor, (for example: we are both family owned and operated, we were both located on West Douglas, and we both have a Mike Bell!) we are not related in any way. So, unfortunately, we will not be able to help you with your flooring or tile needs! But if that’s what you’re looking for, we bet that they would be happy to help you!

The only auto glass that we do is sideview mirrors. We do not carry the windows or windshields for autos.

We carry several cleaning products and can recommend several that you can purchase at the store as well. Our newest product, called Diamon Fusion, is an incredible new product that you must see to believe! Diamon Fusion is a two-part system that cleans and protects, doing amazing things to old doors that you just can’t seem to get clean! It also works great on new shower enclosures, protecting them from water spots and soap buildup, making them much easier to clean and maintain. And, as always, we recommend using a squeegee every time you shower.

Depending on what you need cut, in most instances we can cut your glass down. However, if the glass has been tempered, we are unable to alter it in any way, as it will explode.

Mirrors are made with real silver and silver can tarnish. As a mirror is exposed to moisture, a tarnishing action will cause a “black edge.” To minimize harm to the silver in your mirror, it is essential to use a cleaner that does NOT have ammonia or vinegar, and we also recommend that you apply the cleaner directly to your cloth rather than spraying it on the mirror. This minimizes over spray and will not allow the cleaner to run down the mirror, getting behind it. We also carry our own line of glass cleaner that is ammonia free, which will greatly reduce the streaking you get from commercial cleaners.

Usually not. We do not resilver mirrors as it is very expensive and not usually cost effective.

In most cases, no, but it is dependant upon the age of the mirror. The older the mirror, the easier it is for the silver to “flake off” on the back, and we cannot run it through our beveling machine.

As we mentioned above, an ammonia or vinegar free cleaner is recommended. We also recommend you use a clean rag that has not been washed with fabric softener. Paper towels can work well also.

We carry a few styles of framed mirrors in our showroom, but we do not do custom framing here at our shop. We would, however, be more than happy to custom cut you a mirror to fit into your frame. There are several frame shops in town, as well as the arts and crafts stores, that will make a frame that fits your specifications. Feel free to bring it in when complete, and we can create a mirror to fit, with a bevel or without.

We have a full showroom that displays our shower enclosures, mirrors, and all of the edges that we can provide. We also carry small samples of glass that you can take home if you’d like.

Yes! We would be more than happy to send installers to your home to hang your mirror. Just give us a call with the approximate size and your location, as well as where you’d like it in the house (over a vanity, over the stairs, etc.), and we can get you an estimate.

Yes! We will come out to your home and measure, whether it’s for a mirror, tabletop, or shower enclosure. If you plan to have us install, we do not charge to measure in the greater Wichita area, and we can get you an estimate usually within the next day or two.

It is dependant upon what it is you are ordering. Window glass, if single paned, is usually complete within one day. Straightline edgework on glass and mirrors is usually completed within 2-3 days, and straight line beveling takes approximately 3 to 5 days. Manual beveling, or those pieces that are done by hand, take approximately 7 to 10 days. Most shower enclosures, safety glass, and insulated glass can take approximately 7-10 working days, however we are at the mercy of our tempering and special order companies and it can take a bit longer. Metal for shower enclosures can take 2 to 4 weeks to come in, depending on the enclosure ordered. And our heavy glass shower enclosures can require a 3-week lead time, depending upon the specifications involved.

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