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Shower Glass Care

How to Care for Your Shower Door Glass

Just as metal rusts, glass corrodes. The surface of glass, although it may feel smooth, is actually made of peaks and valleys. Contaminants such as atmospheric pollution, construction materials, metal oxides or limescale can deposit in the valleys of the glass and bond to its surface. At Bell Mirror and Glass, we carry products that can help preserve your shower enclosure; products that can be applied to both new and previously used doors!

Please remember that Bell Mirror & Glass recommends using a squeegee daily, regardless of the protectant you may use. We also recommend using liquid soap, as bar soaps have ingredients that are much more difficult to clean from your shower.

We Carry the Following Products

Bell Mirror & Glass Professional Glass Cleaner
Bell Mirror & Glass carries its own professional strength glass cleaner. This product contains no ammonia, it doesn’t streak and it doesn’t leave smears or film on your glass. Less of this product is required to clean your windows, mirrors, and windshields.

Miracle Scrub™®
Miracle Scrub Soft Cleanser is a professional-strength, mildly abrasive cleaner that removes calcium, mineral deposits, rust, lime scale, toilet rings, soap scum, grease, food spills and stains without aggressive scraping and scrubbing. Use it in the kitchen, bath and around the home. Applied as directed, it will out perform all other soft cleansers … you will never want to be without it!

Clean Shield®
Just wipe it on and polish it in! Provides an invisible – long lasting – water, soil & stain repellent finish on glass, porcelain, ceramics, marble, granite, fiberglass, laminates & stainless steel. Shields windows, sinks, tubs, showers, tile, toilets, mirrors, cook tops, ovens, counters, appliances & more against soiling!

Invisible Glass Shield®
Invisible Glass Shield® is perfect for all types of glass, porcelain, or ceramics…from windows, sinks, showers, tubs & tile to counters, glassware, lighting fixtures, chandeliers & more. Easily and quickly applied, a single treatment lasts for months & months. The advanced chemistry of Invisible Shield is monomolecular and will never build-up or discolor. This long lasting, protective polymer finish can be easily replenished to keep surfaces sparkling!

CLER’ET® Squeegee
The award winning Cler´et Squeegee is as functional as it is attractive. This product is designed to help keep windows, glass shower doors, boat windshields, woodwork and other smooth surfaces clean with ease. Unlike traditional squeegees, Cler´et contains no metal parts which can scratch surfaces or rust. In addition, Cler´et FLOATS! This product has long lasting dual wiping blades, is ergonomically designed for easy use and stands on end for neat and easy storage. It is very attractive and may be left out, in the bath, on display!

CLER’ET WAVE Bath Squeegee
The WAVE is guaranteed to leave surfaces squeaky clean. It’s in the blade, the patented wiping blade technology found on all Cler´et squeegees. This product has been carefully designed to provide maximum efficiency with less effort and also reduce strain on the hand and wrist. Use on shower doors, mirrors, tubs and bath enclosures.

ShowerGuard is an entirely different kind of glass that’s protected during manufacturing with a patented ion beam process. This technology permanently seals the glass surface, for a shower that stays beautiful shower after shower with just a minimal amount of cleaning. Ordinary glass is prone to damage and aging from hard water, soap, humidity and more. But ShowerGuard glass is extraordinary.

Clean Shield products are applied to a shower enclosure after a good cleaning. Much like Rain-X for your car’s windshield, Clean Shield helps provide a barrier that soap scum and water spots will not “stick” to, therefore making your enclosure easier to clean and keeping it looking new. They also carry a cleaning line.

Diamon Fusion  is an optically clear, protective coating that transforms ordinary glass surface into a high-performing, water-repellent surface. By filling in the microscopic peaks and valleys of the surface, Diamon-Fusion creates an ultra-thin, invisible barrier that protects surfaces from stains, corrosion, and other environmental pollutants. And just like a non-stick cooking pan makes cleaning easier and less frequent, so too will Diamon-Fusion reduce cleaning time and the frequency of cleanings.


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